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Yoga is the thing that makes my heart return back to its original state – Love,

my mind into EASE and my body into HARMONY;

it’s a process, continuously returning back to the self ‘

- Danielle Williams

If you are seeking freedom and fulfillment through the path of yoga, optimizing your health and longevity with lifestyle alternatives you have come to the right place! Our approach merges movement with breath and all things wellness. A practice designed to meet you where you are at and awaken you to your inner wisdom and radiance.

Come join us in a lifelong pursuit of excellence, truth, connection and joy. Learn all the essential elements needed to transform stuck-ness on any level to expansion, healing and personal power.

Health is the most important part of your life. It impacts so many areas of life because every part of your life relies on you to have good health. Honestly, everyone wants to live their life to the fullest potential. Unfortunately, this is not always so easy. Life often comes with challenges and things we can’t always control. Fortunately for you, optimizing your overall well-being is something you can control and by doing so, you’ll notice significant benefits, both personally and professionally.

Your energy level is a reflection of your overall well-being. The more energy you have, the more you will get done in your day and life. We all have the same amount of time in the day, so the difference between us can only be the energy we bring into each aspect of our life.

Find your people, Follow your heart

"Danielle has infinite patience with both me and my husband in her Restorative Yoga class. We are about as different as two folks can be re yoga "skill" and we both walk away from her class feeling refreshed and cared for. She has a lovely heart and you know that at the end of each class you will feel renewed." Naomi and Ira Benell

It’s your divine life, live it to the fullest.

The power is in your hands!